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air quality in the covid era

How can you protect your home or business from viruses and bacteria?

Maintaining air quality in your home or building plays a key role in keeping the occupants healthy.  Here are a few tips to protect your home or office:

  • A good quality air filter/air cleaner with a good MERV rating is optimum.  The higherthe MERV rating, the smaller the particulates it will trap.  It is also important to change the air filter more often as they will trap viruses/bacteria compared to those air filters you can see through.

  • Having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned is just as important as a clean air filter.  This also includes the ductwork.

  • A UV light is also helpful in controlling viruses, molds and bacteria in the ductwork and HVAC equipment as these viruses can get spread through the air stream from the indoor fan.

  • Proper ventilation is the most important thing that can be introduced right now in homes and businesses.  A lot of homes nowadays are built a lot tighter compared to homes built 30 years ago.  It is very important to get "new air" introduced through mechanical devices like dehumidifiers/ERVs.  Stale air in your HVAC system makes a great home for viruses/bacteria, and these types of equipment can diminish that threat.

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